When Madrid began to be too stressful place to live, Paloma decided it was time to return to the land of their ancestors.

A Arriondas, the capital Asturina Parres, whence his family, and where the house of Indians was his grandfather and brother Mandaran build it when they returned from Cuba.

Bar Saln Hotel Casona del Sella

Living Room

Fachada Hotel Casona del Sella

Hotel Facade

Sala bar Hotel Casona del Sella


Recepcin Hotel Casona del Sella


The works to convert the building into a hotel began in 2000. It was a long process to get give it all necessary services, while the materials were in very good condition. On the floor hydraulic tile, clay and wood North Pine original remained. And many doors could also be recovered. "But what we did was to paint all the woodwork white to give more joy and light to the house. We do not keep anything that was dark," he says.

The characteristics of the house somehow conditioned the distribution of the 14 rooms available to the hotel. "On the first floor we could have them more spacious, with lounge or gallery. In the above, the distribution of beams forced us to make them smaller. But, as is an attic floor are rooms charming."

Paloma solo addressed most of the decor. "My intention was to recreate the ambience of the century", held as style definition. The photographs show that has amply achieved the purpose of making visible the past without betraying the comfort and good taste, and your guests can enjoy the pleasure of refuge a few days in an authentic house of Indians.