Stews by the Sella
Restaurant La Terraza de la Casona. Arriondas. The dining room on the river is a suitable setting for dishes Conchita. Guisos junto al Sella

Address: Plaza Venancio Pando, 4 - Arriondas
Owners: María Concepción Quesada Rosete ‘Conchita’
Phone: +34 659 926 924
Chef: Javi Campillo
Helpers: Noelia Fuente Quesada
Weekly menu: 10 euros
Weekend menu: 15 to 20 euros
Rest: never.
Trousseau: quality.
Credit cards accepted

. - . 2012
Luis Antonio Alías

It is logically location and construction, one of the best buildings of Arriondas, the Parres capital Cela described as "rich and important people, with good houses and magnificent villas, where the landscape becomes to high and rugged mountains and defiladeros deep and narrow. "

The entrance faces the Plaza Venancio Pando, the largest, with its simple town hall, its cannon pointed XVIII to bursting many drops Sella, his bust the patriarch Dionisio Huerta, and its source and little gardens. Once there skirted La Casona by a flowery and lateral passage reveals reception and deliciously bourgeois Parisian halls and the now somewhat old hotel and residence of two brothers Indians who made fortune in Cuba, to leave the room.

Around the small bar reception, wide, long, deep and elegant gallery distributes tables to a continuum of windows just framed by wooden allowing views of the Sella, the bridge, on the banks of parks and sculptures and the horizons of the Peña Santa, the Pienzu or Mota Cetín.

The captive site. But know that Maria Concepcion Quesada 'Conchita' is the propetaria, the visit becomes necessary for those who want lunch or dinner at restaurant details care and lucid where exterior aside, have on your tablecloth some traditional dishes with refreshing and open brushstrokes they arrive fresh, retailers, attractive and pleasant. And discreet in prices for diners punished economy almost all- not renounce small and big pleasures coloring obscurities us today.

Pleasures such as croquettes manuals Iberian, original rolls stuffed with corned fua with pollen and AOVE, the invigorating fresh anchovies in vinegar with garlic and diced tomatoes and basil, popular squid fried squid jigger or forever nostalgic squid in its ink rice, fried hake or monkfish Pinchu claiming our emotional intelligence usually questioned the olive oil, the manor bacalao al pil-pil with barbels and mushrooms, alangostado pixín three sauces that, when there was for lobster - was casorio main course, the difficult choice between the roll of tuna in sauce or pickled apple ...

In the chapter Conchita meats remain the same proposals suggestive: A cochifrito petted with applesauce and mushroom sauce, a sirloin duck Welington or thighs of duck confit with orange sauce you the pequinesas glories laugh, and a cuts of beef and beef by raising and order high and low parragueses pastures. The desserts travel than the frisuelos and rice pudding pass the Black Forest or the tiramisu. There remain, of course, seamanship verdinas, the stew, thin and crispy tortos, savory pastries and excellent members of some menus are in tune with the above.

Here Queen Conchita said -pequeñina, strong, discreet and atenta- just a few months ago. And on peak days without reservation it must wait. Believe it, live a luxury except when paying.