Here you can download the full letter of Restaurante Casona del Sella - Reservation Phone: +34 984 840 517

Some of the dishes we have in the letter Casona del Sella Restaurant are:

Iberian Ham
Cecina oil extra virgin olive
Rolls stuffed with corned fua pollen and extra virgin olive oil
Cantabrian anchovies with aged cheese and piquillo peppers
Anchovies in vinegar with oil, garlic and diced tomatoes and basil
Grilled vegetables with sauce Romescu
Iberian ham croquettes
Cochifrito with applesauce and mushroom sauce
Iberian pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce and mashed potato chips
Beef tenderloin (*)
Duck tenderloin "Wellington"
Thighs duck confit with orange sauce
Beef steak(*)
Cachopines of Asturian veal (*)
Cachopo Asturian veal (*)
Asturian veal escalope (*)
(*): Mustard sauces English, French, Gamoneu, Cabrales, the Fua, or peppers: black, white and green.
Homemade Desserts
Charlota pistachio ice cream quenelle
Tiramisu with quenelle of ice cream and crunchy chocolate mint and honey
Black Forest with quenelle of banana ice cream with crunchy honey
Varied ice cream
Rice pudding
Salad "Casona del Sella"
Salad with fruit in his ripeness point
Goat cheese salad with cherry tomatoes and shavings of Iberico
Fried squid jigging
Squid in ink with rice
Bacalao al pil-pil with cocochas, mushrooms and fungi
Fried hake "Pinchu"
Fried pixin
Pixin alangostado with three sauces
Beautiful roll pickled apple
Beautiful roll sauce

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