An old-fashioned garden. Cangas, land to the table.
The ecological plantation of strawberries Pablo Perez and Marta Alonso puts the product on the market the day of collection The ecological plantation of strawberries Pablo Perez and Marta Alonso puts the product on the market the following day of collection

La Nueva España - Thursday 13 September 2012

Corao (Cangas de Onis), Alba Sánchez R.

Quality, zero waste and off-season. And all manually. These are the premises with working Pablo Pérez Jambrina and his wife, Marta Alonso García, to know that your product is unique and satisfy the user, which is increasingly seeking quality in markets is the price that is.

Planting strawberries variety Portola, held in April in about 1,200 square meters on a farm of Corao (Cangas de Onis), you are bearing fruit. They say, the quality is "excellent" and "insurmountable" flavor. This is achieved with much conviction and seeking the end user is happy with a local product. The reality is obvious nothing but one approaches the plantation. Seedlings of organic garden are bursting with color of strawberries out among much green around. The most important and what you feel most proud is that it collected one day and the next thing the user has in the store, without passing through any type of cold storage. But it was clear from the outset that the product should be "de Asturias and Asturias."

From June to November, every week about 300 kilograms of strawberries are harvested by day on days-Monday and Thursday- collection, so every Tuesday and Friday the user can have on your table the freshest and top quality product. There are also many restaurants in the eastern region that have echoed this product and buy them for their prescriptions, and even invent some as is the case of José Antonio Campoviejo, Restaurant El Corral del Indianu, with a Michelin star, which it has produced such suggestive dishes like 'strawberries Corao, CRU and cooked the allspice "or Noelia Puente La Casona del Sella restorer, with his dish called" strawberries Corao with ham and rosé champagne. "

The strawberry season is not long in the area, but the mild climate of summers and autumns in Asturias makes it an ideal product to take tables sustainably with the environment. In addition to the above, and the expert hands and Marta Alonso care, water from a spring itself makes the fruit taste evokes other times.