Inmersión Lingüística en Asturias

The objective:

Fast results and highly qualified experts with 25 years of experience native teachers. We offer total immersion courses, through which you get not be constantly translated into Spanish while listening or talking but will tend gradually to think in English.

All our activities are designed so that the participants can turn their theoretical knowledge in practical communication.

How do we do it:

Our courses break the traditional model of education. We understand our experience of teaching and learning languages as the best method to improve communication levels not come to hear lessons from the teacher put hour after hour in a classroom.
So what we do is…

  • Set your goals before the start and so we designed the course together.
  • During the stay the course we will be in an English world. So we can use naturally all situations.
  • At all times we provide everything you need to communicate dare of our materials and activities. So what you give is what you need to do the activity. That way you will learn and practice exactly what you mean.
  • We provide the solutions so that you can carry out your duties in English at work with more confidence and skill.
  • We took advantage of the intensity of the course to translate new knowledge to communicative fluency.
  • We create an environment that will support you at all times and thus overcome the barriers to learning and sense of the ridiculous.
  • We give continuous feedback and individualized standard errors and clarify doubts.
At the end of the course you will know the most effective way to keep improving.


The service:

  • Prior to the completion of the course, we will contact you to do a test to know your level and training needs in order to design the course program to your goals.
  • We adapted to your level and progress in the ongoing counseling.
  • At the end of the stay you will get an orientation to enhance their learning.
  • All meals and coffee included.