Indiano houses

Monumental facades, ornate gates, galleries, patios, balconies, covers dream, private chapels, lush gardens, pillars, exquisite details, splendid handicrafts, plodding stonecutting, alfices, pilasters, recercados, bulky stairs, balconies, cupolas .. .

Bellowing Fall

We note the possibility to hear the bellowing in Ponga, from the web. On the page is a google map indicating various locations to hear at dawn or dusk.

Group Guide
To go with a group and guide: can hire (depending on availability) with Alvaro de San Juan de Beleo +34 639 363 898. The output price is about 10 euros / person.
We recommend early and take advantage of the morning as well as clothing and footwear, water, loaded mobile phone, and caution on the mountain.
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Visita las cuevas en Asturias

These are some of the closest to the Hotel Casona del Sella caves, enters our section of caves to see more ...

Cave Tito Bustillo
Cave with prehistoric paintings from the 22000 to the 10000 BC. Located in the municipality of Ribadesella. It is included in the list of World Heritage of Unesco since July 2008, within the site "Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain".
Cave El Sidrón
It is the largest Asturian cavity tertiary conglomerates (Spain); It is a refuge for five species of bats and has two new species of Coleoptera. The cavity also has a prehistoric site with some rock paintings and fossil material found Neanderthal man.
Cave Llovió
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Traditional holidays

Are many, varied and what more fun, original or traditional.

Holidays in Asturias

Meats and sausages, fish, seafood, cheese, cider and wine, and sweets make up an index of tasty products of excellent quality

Practica Golf en Asturias
Practice Golf

Are ye passionate about Golf ?. Stays at a great price and special prices on the best courses in the East. ! La Casona del Sella encourages you to enjoy your favorite sport. 'Choose your field !!

Municipal Golf Course Llanes
Located between the towns of Cu and Andrn, 4 km. from the town of Llanes, is a Scottish Golf Link type 18 holes. Par: 71. White Stripes: 5,859 meters. SSS: 72. Yellow Bars: 5,687 meters. SSS: 71. Blue Bar: 5,009 meters. SSS: 72. Red bars: 4,699 meters. SSS: 71. Its location allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Council, with the sea to the north and the mountains of the Sierra del Cuera south. Contact: +34 985 417 230 -
Palace Golf Club Rubiales
The Club was established on October 10, 2008. Since then in its facilities to play golf, learning classes are given, championships are organized. The club is located in Cereceda, about 5 km from Sevares, in the province of Asturias. We also have a practice court in the village of Sevares where are held the introductory classes. Contact: +34 985 707 612 -
Rasa de Berbes
The facilities are located in the town of Berbes about 10 km from Ribadesella, acceding to them by the National Highway Ribadesella - Gijon, kilometer 11.5. If you come from the Cantabrian motorway, the nearest exit is number 337 Caravia-Berbes, which is about 3 km from the Club. Contact: +34 985 866 613 / +34 628 011 908 -
Villaviciosa Golf Club
Villaviciosa Golf Course is a marvel of status, beauty and design, located in the Valley of the Ria de Villaviciosa in the region of Sidra Asturiana. Contact: +34 985 89 26 32 -
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Practica Piragismo en Asturias

Given the good both orographic conditions and river, Asturias is one of the regions most conducive to adventure sports. Both the mountains and rivers are the predominant feature of this region, especially in eastern Asturias where steep slopes make the mountain rivers are fast and flowing, and therefore perfect for water sports.

Little did she Dionisio de la Huerta when he came up with the idea of lowering the Piloa and Sella rivers, back in 1930, that anyone wanting adventure would be able to emulate the great figures of canoeing, crossing the same waters and contemplating the high peaks and deep valleys that frame this Asturian landscape. For some years several companies in Arriondas make available to lovers of nature and sport the possibility of this decline.
What to Wear and When to go?
Simply a bathing suit, a shirt and sneakers or sandals water. No need to worry for the activity material or food as this is done by the company. Any time of year is good for lowering the Sella by canoe, but maybe spring, summer and fall are the best seasons for this activity. In any case the landscape is always amazing, and in periods of colder companies provide wetsuits at no additional cost to maintain a comfortable body temperature.
The Experience
Before starting the activity monitors from different companies provide all the material: canoe, paddle, life jacket and a watertight container where the food (fruit, drink and a "bollu preau" pie or sandwich) is introduced, which will to take a break and regain strength. And on the river bank monitors impart the necessary explanations for handling boats, after which you can already start down the sixteen kilometers to the finish line near Ribadesella. Monitors there await the arrival of the adventurers to move now by road, pirogues and travelers to Arriondas.
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Asturias has abundant declared World Heritage Site by Unesco: they have this distinction a part of the Pre-Romanesque Art, the Fountain of Foncalada, the Holy House of the Cathedral of Oviedo five prehistoric caves with rock art ...

Over a thousand years ago, amid high peaks of limestone, green mountains, lush forests, rivers, lakes, fountains, waterfalls, fruit trees, braas, vast meadows ... a kingdom that had twelve kings arose, the first Pelayo , which saves memory especially the Real Sitio de Covadonga, in Cangas de Onis.
Asturian traditional markets atmosphere in different historical stages tematizados
Industrial heritage
Asturian landscape and territory are closely linked historically to the industry in the broadest sense of the term.
Asturias Paraiso Natural
Practica Senderismo en Asturias

Asturias is a paradise for hiking, because of its varied terrain and rural landscapes and mountains that make hundreds of possible routes a unique experience.

Route Bufones de Pría
The Bufones Pria, which give name to the Coastal Path PR.AS-57, are very close to the village of Llames de Pria, on the western edge of Llanes and next to the beach Guadama, natural border with neighboring municipality of Ribadesella.
Route Cares
The Ruta del Cares is one of the best-known trails Picos de Europa, located between the provinces of Leon and Asturias, in Spain. Runs along the Cares Gorge river between the Asturian town of Puente Poncebos and Leon Posada de Valden through Cain's also Leon. Yesteryear, the route was the only communication between the two peoples during winter snowfall.
Route Cares
Amid the Picos de Europa, the path of Cares route through the gorge follows the river on one of the hiking trails of most amazing mountain that can do for Europe. many years ago that men with great courage dug in the rocks of the mountain an impossible journey of more than 11 kilometers away from the village of Cain, in Leon and Poncebos in the council of Cabrales, Asturias.